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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Break Sweater

Highlights of this year's Spring Break include....going to a nude beach....getting a tan....meeting a hot french guy....and making an entire sweater from Vogue knitting. It was awesome. I took a bag of yarn and a magazine with me...and came back with a very soft green sweater that will be perfect for Easter. The knitting went really fast...and I met other knitters on board the cruise ship! Big shout out to Kathy who lives (and knits) on a houseboat in Maine. Also a big shout out to Lyndon, the world's most awesome waiter for recognizing the "chunk of sleeve" that later became this green sweater. I've got to go get an x-ray so I'll chat with you later....and maybe include pictures of the completely changed Chianti coat from forever ago...Toodles!!!


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