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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cold shoulders

Hello there again!! In my attempt to actually finish something that I have started, I have made a considerable amount of progress in my natural-wool sweater and spent a couple hours doing "sweater surgery" or sewing the pieces together....it just feels like something is still missing. After careful consideration...I figured out that it was missing a sleeve...and my arm was cold.
My cat had a great time putting the sweater together...and by that I mean that I sewed, she ripped the needles out of my hand over and over and made a mess with the wool. Arg...but I love her anyway. Will keep you updated..but I gotta go....battle of the bands is tonight!!


Anonymous Ben said...

i so saw that in person. she had to do some major surgery on that sweater. she is a life saver lol.

Blogger Jessy said...

hey it's jessy, and yay for sweater surgery! something that i have never done.....well i foud a pattern but i can't do it because i don't have enough yarn for the thing so T-T and i don't have the money to buy the yarn......eh i'll see if i can find something smaller that will take one ball of yarn.

Oh and i found a really cool knitting bag.


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