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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shades of sheep

I returned to the organic store today for enough wool to finish the creme cardigan...only to discover that it was from a different sheep...and therefore it was an entirely different color. The new color is much more orange than the other skiens of creme. On the bright side, my cat likes it. She has been rolling in it and lovin' on that sheepy smell since I brought it home. I don't think I'll be able to get the yarn away from her long enough to sew the parts together. There will be pictures when I find the camera.
I finished the boob-toob and wore it to work yesterday. Several compliments, shortly followed by the warm fuzzy feeling. I just love feeling warm and fuzzy.
I started part 3 of the red Mariah hoodie and plan to finish that on the long car ride to Florida over Spring break. We'll see if that plan works.
Have completed the torso on the black and green hoodie. Have also temporarily lost interest, and my size 10 circulars. Will attempt to finish after the creme cardigan with one orange sleeve. I should also put a few day's work on the blue vogue sweater....it's just sitting there and I feel bad.
Yesterday, being the yarn-ho that I am, went back to JoAnn etc and spent a ridiculous amount of money on needles and (shocker) more yarn for another sweater. It will be a very light mint and it's from last fall's Vogue Knitting. As usual, can't wait to start. Besides, Tomas from customer service said he can'r wait to see the finished product....maybe I should start it early....Muahahaha!!!
Aight...My creme cardigan is calling my name...and so is my bed. I'll post more later and thanks for all of your comments!!!


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