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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

S is for Sweater, or Squishy

Since I have finished both the scarf and the bolero, I've had some time to work on my other projects, mostly the black and green sweater. It's made with Pattons Katrina, which is a really nifty yarn. All yarns have a bit of "squish" to them ( BC says Hi ) but this is really nifty. It almost feels like a sponge... Anyhoo, the top half of the sweater (or actually zip-up hoodie) is hot green and the bottom half is black. It's taking forever because as soon as you knit the yarn, it goes squishy and shrinks. Oh well, it will be a realllllly stretchy thing. I'm running out of yarn so I'll have to hit up Hobby Lobby on saturday after Stitches and Scones (My "Chianti" yarn came in yesterday-- I'm so exited to start my jacket!!!!) I think I'll hit up the Apple Store and buy a valentine's day/birthday gift for my RyMan while I'm on that shopping spree. I've estimated that I will be spending 2 weeks pay in one day, more spefically on two things. Ipod-stuff and yarn. Oh well, I have until August to make money.
I'll try to get pictures of the squishy sweater on the blog tonight...but my mum is being a computer hog because she's trying to get her realitor's liscence. Whatever rubs her Buddha. Toodles!!!


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