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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Help me!!! I can't stop starting new projects and I can't finish the ones I have going!!!! Today I bought yarn for a boob-toob and a tank top. I returned the yarn for tubey as the gauge was all off. That was sad. I discovered a lovely little organic store yesterday-with wool!!! So I bought wool for two more sweaters, one of which is already 1/4 done. It's creme...quite nice but the wool still smells a bit like the sheep and will need conditioning. That can be done easily. I have finished the body of the black and green sweater, just need to do the sleeves and the hood now....I'll get there eventually. I have the back of my chianti coat done...the lace patterns on the front and the sleeves are proving to be quite tricky. And the socks are still sitting in my room, taunting me. The blue sweater from vogue is doing quite well, already about 6 inches in. A red bolero-started the opening night of the olympics-is still sitting on the dresser. I need a knitting fairy. Maybe a one-day boob-toob will be the perfect thing to get me motivated to finish my other projects. I'll post pictures once my parents bring the camera back from florida. Toodles!!!


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