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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gettin' Knitty with it!

Hey there! Well, I broke my knitting vow and started another sweater..and ripped it out again...and started it again with different yarn...and will probably rip it out again. I have one sleeve left in the bolero jacket to do but really don't feel like knitting it. I have 1/2 a scarf that needs to be finished- I'll work on nothing but the bolero and the scarf until I finish them. Then I may start again on the cross-stitch that I started in October and haven't touched since. Why can't I ever finish a project!?! You know...I still haven't finished that pair of socks or those three purses either. Or that one red sweater...or the black and green hoodie...
Last night I bought yarn for two more sweaters but it won't be in for a couple of weeks...it has to be dyed first. I'd dye it myself but it always gets so tangled up when its drying. Oh well...the yarn is from Brown Sheep company and it's bulky and the color is called "Chianti". The jacket will go lovely with liver and fava beans...Muahahahaha!! I also bought some runway yarn from berroco...it's so pretty. Can't wait to get the pictures on here to show you guys! Toodles!


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