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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Break Sweater

Highlights of this year's Spring Break include....going to a nude beach....getting a tan....meeting a hot french guy....and making an entire sweater from Vogue knitting. It was awesome. I took a bag of yarn and a magazine with me...and came back with a very soft green sweater that will be perfect for Easter. The knitting went really fast...and I met other knitters on board the cruise ship! Big shout out to Kathy who lives (and knits) on a houseboat in Maine. Also a big shout out to Lyndon, the world's most awesome waiter for recognizing the "chunk of sleeve" that later became this green sweater. I've got to go get an x-ray so I'll chat with you later....and maybe include pictures of the completely changed Chianti coat from forever ago...Toodles!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cold shoulders

Hello there again!! In my attempt to actually finish something that I have started, I have made a considerable amount of progress in my natural-wool sweater and spent a couple hours doing "sweater surgery" or sewing the pieces together....it just feels like something is still missing. After careful consideration...I figured out that it was missing a sleeve...and my arm was cold.
My cat had a great time putting the sweater together...and by that I mean that I sewed, she ripped the needles out of my hand over and over and made a mess with the wool. Arg...but I love her anyway. Will keep you updated..but I gotta go....battle of the bands is tonight!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Who moved my camera?

I've made excellent progress on Mariah sweater, I'm about 6 inches into part 4. Cookies for Paige!!!! I have come to the conclusion that I never actually had a size 10 circular needle, which may just necessitate to a trip to JoAnn Fabrics this weekend. I'll try to finish the creme sweater first. The creme sweater needs a sleeve and half so I'll try to finish that this weekend. Unfortunately, the sweater is not portable because I have not wound the skien into a ball and my cat had a great time knotting it all up for me when I had to stop knitting for dinner last night. Arg...but I love her anyway. So I'll attempt to finish the sleeve and start constuction before I go to a concert with Ben, Ben, and Brandon tomorrow night. Oops...have to go do something productive! Toodles!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shades of sheep

I returned to the organic store today for enough wool to finish the creme cardigan...only to discover that it was from a different sheep...and therefore it was an entirely different color. The new color is much more orange than the other skiens of creme. On the bright side, my cat likes it. She has been rolling in it and lovin' on that sheepy smell since I brought it home. I don't think I'll be able to get the yarn away from her long enough to sew the parts together. There will be pictures when I find the camera.
I finished the boob-toob and wore it to work yesterday. Several compliments, shortly followed by the warm fuzzy feeling. I just love feeling warm and fuzzy.
I started part 3 of the red Mariah hoodie and plan to finish that on the long car ride to Florida over Spring break. We'll see if that plan works.
Have completed the torso on the black and green hoodie. Have also temporarily lost interest, and my size 10 circulars. Will attempt to finish after the creme cardigan with one orange sleeve. I should also put a few day's work on the blue vogue sweater....it's just sitting there and I feel bad.
Yesterday, being the yarn-ho that I am, went back to JoAnn etc and spent a ridiculous amount of money on needles and (shocker) more yarn for another sweater. It will be a very light mint and it's from last fall's Vogue Knitting. As usual, can't wait to start. Besides, Tomas from customer service said he can'r wait to see the finished product....maybe I should start it early....Muahahaha!!!
Aight...My creme cardigan is calling my name...and so is my bed. I'll post more later and thanks for all of your comments!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Help me!!! I can't stop starting new projects and I can't finish the ones I have going!!!! Today I bought yarn for a boob-toob and a tank top. I returned the yarn for tubey as the gauge was all off. That was sad. I discovered a lovely little organic store yesterday-with wool!!! So I bought wool for two more sweaters, one of which is already 1/4 done. It's creme...quite nice but the wool still smells a bit like the sheep and will need conditioning. That can be done easily. I have finished the body of the black and green sweater, just need to do the sleeves and the hood now....I'll get there eventually. I have the back of my chianti coat done...the lace patterns on the front and the sleeves are proving to be quite tricky. And the socks are still sitting in my room, taunting me. The blue sweater from vogue is doing quite well, already about 6 inches in. A red bolero-started the opening night of the olympics-is still sitting on the dresser. I need a knitting fairy. Maybe a one-day boob-toob will be the perfect thing to get me motivated to finish my other projects. I'll post pictures once my parents bring the camera back from florida. Toodles!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

S is for Sweater, or Squishy

Since I have finished both the scarf and the bolero, I've had some time to work on my other projects, mostly the black and green sweater. It's made with Pattons Katrina, which is a really nifty yarn. All yarns have a bit of "squish" to them ( BC says Hi ) but this is really nifty. It almost feels like a sponge... Anyhoo, the top half of the sweater (or actually zip-up hoodie) is hot green and the bottom half is black. It's taking forever because as soon as you knit the yarn, it goes squishy and shrinks. Oh well, it will be a realllllly stretchy thing. I'm running out of yarn so I'll have to hit up Hobby Lobby on saturday after Stitches and Scones (My "Chianti" yarn came in yesterday-- I'm so exited to start my jacket!!!!) I think I'll hit up the Apple Store and buy a valentine's day/birthday gift for my RyMan while I'm on that shopping spree. I've estimated that I will be spending 2 weeks pay in one day, more spefically on two things. Ipod-stuff and yarn. Oh well, I have until August to make money.
I'll try to get pictures of the squishy sweater on the blog tonight...but my mum is being a computer hog because she's trying to get her realitor's liscence. Whatever rubs her Buddha. Toodles!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Now that I've learned how to publish pictures on my blog...I don't think I'll be able to stop!!! Allright...since I've got the ability to show other knitters pictures...maybe you (my loyal knit-blog readers) can help me with something. I've spun this rainbow yarn and now I have no idea what to do with it. I think it would work best on size 11 needles but would be airy in places. It has different kinds of wool spun together, so I think it would be inconsistent in felting. The creme wool is straight off the sheep...no refinining or anything so it would not be the best thing to wear around your neck as a scarf. I'm not sure I'd want a rainbow colored purse (wrong message being sent)(not that I'm against people represented with a rainbow-some of my best friends are rainbow-people) I was thinking Stephanie Japel's Boob-toob (glampyreknits.com) but if anyone who happens to read this has any ideas for rainbow yarn...please let me know as I am quite stumped on what this yarn could potentially be.